We provide you with the exact aerial photographs you need. You tell us how you want it done, what angles and positions are important to you, and we fly to your location and do it. We always give you a variety of different shots to choose from. Some images you will use for information, some images you will use for marketing, some you will use to make beautiful enlargements to hang on your wall, some you will use in your multimedia presentations (our high resolution digital files make fantastic group presentations using an LCD projector). There are hundreds of uses for your aerial images. When you buy from us you receive the original digital files (the "digital negative") with every photograph you purchase. This lets you use your images any way you want forever, without paying any fees to reproduce your images. Make one photograph or make one thousand, when you own the originals it is your decision. Here's a water treatment plant, nothing special about this shot, we just want to give you an idea of the web quality you can expect (your prints will look much better than this because they will be printed in high resolution.) Still, the images we give you are the best that you can buy from any source. When it comes to image quality we are the leader! Click here for detailed image.

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