Our service agreement is very simple to understand.

We agree to bring an aircraft containing a pilot and photographer to your location and capture 5 to 75 (depending on the project you order) high resolution digital images per location. Some packages might also include digital video. We will prepare the digital images for you and burn them onto data DVDs (DVD-R format). Your DVD set is shipped by US Mail with tracking. We require pre-payment in most cases unless you are a Fortune 1000 company, public educational institution, or government entity.

Due to weather issues and workload we can only specify a "shooting window" of approximately two-four weeks. Our "shooting window" is our best estimate of when your project will be photographed, but this "shooting window" can sometimes be delayed by regional weather circumstances we cannot control. Since we are working outdoors (a thunderstorm could prevent us from shooting on a given day) it is impossible for us to guarantee a specific time, a specific day, or a specific date. We shoot in day-time hours when there is acceptable visibility for aerial photography. We do not do night work. We cannot guarantee exact sky conditions on any given day or time, and your photography can happen in a time window from morning to afternoon. Typically we wait for acceptable weather and then shoot many projects on a given day. Links are available on our website so you can monitor the progress in your region if you need to prepare for the photography. In rare instances we can be delayed by unusual or extended inclement weather systems, and our photo team may be delayed until weather becomes acceptable to shoot again. If we receive any advance monies from you and we cannot perform the photography for any reason we will either refund your advance monies in full or reschedule the photography if that is agreeable to you.

The aerial photography we do is custom work, part science, and partly a subjective art form. Each job is a little bit different. We specialize in oblique aerial images shot out the side of the aircraft. We do not do straight down or what is known as vertical photography. (We can do near vertical by tipping the aircraft on it's side, but these are not true verticals.) Our photos are similar to taking an airplane ride and looking out the window as we fly around your location at low speed.This gives the viewer the most natural and pleasing views of your property. We have a specially modified Cessna that can fly very slow to give you sharp (not blurry) images. And in certain regions we offer helicopter service which can allow us to get very low to the ground. (Helicopter work is more expensive due to greater flight cost. With permission from ATC we can get down to about 400-500 feet above the ground using helicopter, with the Cessna we can get down to about 1000 feet above the ground.)

We do not do so-called drone photography. Our work is high end, high resolution, professional photography, shot from FAA certified aircraft, using real helicopters, and real airplanes flown by real pilots, with appropriate licensing and insurance. The only reason we can offer inexpensive photo packages is because we are shooting many projects in your region on any given day. This economy of scale is passed on to you. We're not putting drone photography down. It can offer interesting views down low, but a drone that will carry a Canon 5dsr and pro lens into the sky with a big enough (heavy) stabilization system capable of getting unltra-sharp 40x60 inch enlargements and stabilized 4k video will not be a Christmas toy, A hollywood level drone service capable of what we are doing with certificed aircraft will cost more and be more limited in the views that it can capture (due to FAA altitude constraints and line of sight requirements) than what we can offer you today in our standard helicopter package shooting out of a Robinson helicopter.

Our mapping and scheduling team will confirm that we have your location correct prior to shooting, usually by email. We'll shoot a variety of images as we circle your property, and the camera will capture what it sees on the ground. We will try to get everything that is interesting within the scope of the package that you purchase. That said, we cannot control the look of landscaping, whether a tree blocks a specific view, or what your general environment looks like. This is part of the reason why we take multiple views as we circle. This is a little bit like commissioning a painting of someone you love. You look at the artist's work, compare that artist with others, and make a decision to hire the artist. Look at our website. The same photographer that shot every aerial on this website will be shooting your project. Make your buying decision based on the fact that your photographer has flown around a lot doing this specific type of aerial photography. Compare our service to others, we invite it, then make your decision. We think we offer the best value in the marketplace for what you actually get, we've been doing this for a long time, we give you lots of images for your money, and lots of folks tell us we're doing a good job. You decide.

One benefit of purchasing digital images is that the photos can be retouched or cropped as needed for various purposes (rust stains on roofs can be retouched, cars can be removed from the driveway, images can be labeled for advertising purposes, neighboring image area can be cropped out, etc.) Retouching service is available at additional cost if needed. We specifically cannot guarantee that images will be useful for any specific purpose, or that the way your property actually looks from the air will be aesthetically pleasing. We'll do the best we can but the Taj Mahal will always be more beautiful than most pig farms. Your property will look the way it looks in high resolution detail. You'll receive the raw data, unedited. The camera will capture what it sees and the camera does not lie. We supply you with high quality, gyro-stablized digital images showing what your location actually looks like from the air. Shooting with gyro stabilized camera bodies is unusual at our price point and gives our clients the benefit of very sharp images at low cost. This allows big clear enlargements from your digital files.  If video is included in your package you'll receive the unedited raw footage. If your storage yard has debris in it, or your roof is stained, or cousin Billy abandoned his Buick back behind the barn these things can be easily retouched out using photoshop, and we can refer you to a vendor who can do it for a few dollars. We get in an aircraft, fly to your location, circle overhead, and take a bunch of nice shots. Buy with confidence.

Our refund policy is simple. We will replace the images if we send you a data disk and it does not load correctly for you. We will replace a color print if it is damaged in shipping. We will issue you a refund if we shoot the wrong location (yes it does happen very rarely.) We will issue you a refund if for any reason (usually due to unfavorable weather or air traffic control issues) we cannot photograph your location. We will not issue a refund if you buy an image package and then say you don't want it. Your photographs capture what your property looks like. Your project is a "one of a kind" record of your location captured at a certain point in time. It will become almost invaluable to your grandchildren 50 years from now..

We will ship your DVD data disks to you by US mail with tracking, which includes all of your original high resolution image files and reproduction rights. You will receive all images the camera captures as we circle your location at low altitude. You will also receive a photo "gallery" disk (example) which will assist you should you decide to order custom enlargements. All image files are numbered and you may order enlargements from us or any other source. Paid clients receive copyright and reproduction rights so you can use your images any way you want. (We do retain limited author rights to store digital images we create in case you want to buy enlargements from us, to prevent loss during shipping, or to show image samples of our work to prospective clients.)

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