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click here to find out what the greatest challenge is in low level aerial photographyThink of your aerial photos as a business investment, not a business expense. We deliberately set up our pricing schedule to make it cost effective for you to buy a complete image portfolio, not just a single shot. Remember, this is professional photography where you get the original digital files (this is analogous to owning the film negatives). Use your images any way you want with no usage fee forever. Very few professional photographers will sell to you this way --- and this is a tremendous advantage to you.

Now you might be asking yourself, "why would I want all these different images of my property?"

Well, here's just a handful of reasons why you should consider buying from us:

All of the uses for your aerial photographs may not be apparent to you today, but your images will increase in value over time --- here's just a few examples of how your photos can be useful to you, both now, and in the future:

1. Resolve legal disputes now or in the future, plan new additions or improvements to your property, make architectural renderings for marketing, new construction, or remodeling.

2. Your aerial photos are excellent for showing environmental issues, draining, watershed, condition of buildings and roofs, real estate appraisals, insurance purposes, and obtaining financing.

3. Your aerial photos are great for showing what’s actually on the ground, and showing the location of your property. Your aerial photos on your website make it more interesting to your visitors, and increase the time visitors spend exploring your site.

4. Your aerial photos, when included in reports, websites, or other documents, give your readers more information about your business, your property, your business specialty and capacity than words do alone. Anyone can build a pretty website, but a photograph of your actual facility tells prospects your business has substance, and can actually deliver. When it comes to business a picture is worth more than 1000 words. Using your aerial photo in your marketing will have a positive impact on your bottom line, especially when dealing with clients across the country or across the world. Remember, your potential clients may not necessarily believe what they hear or read, but they usually will believe what they can see. Show the world you mean business with a quality aerial photograph.

5. Since we sell you the original digital files your photos are readily available to you to edit or add information to the image – you can put diagrams on your photos, add place names, directions, your company logo, etc. You can easily crop the photos, retouch them, and enlarge the images to any size you want. Your digital files can be projected by multimedia projectors, and because of their high resolution your images make fantastic conference room or trade show presentations. Using a quality digital LCD or DLP projector our high resolution digital files (approx 70-100mb each) look better projected than a Fuji Velvia or Kodachrome color slide --- quality so good, you will hear the audience let out a gasp when they first see your images projected. Vivid rich color and high detail with a three-dimensional quality. And because this is a digital image being projected you can shine it on the screen all day long without damage, and no dust spots or scratches on your image...a major benefit when you are at a trade show and must keep your images projected for the entire week. Hot marketing tip for your outside sales crew at trade shows --- outfit them with a quality LCD or DLP projector, a laptop, and your digital files. No longer is it necessary to carry big display panels on the airplane. Using our aerial photography you'll have the best images at the show and get a crowd assembled around your display. Yes, our aerials really are that GOOD! Now, put your digital images on your company web server so your sales crew can update their presentations while on the road allowing them to move fast and travel light. Your sales crew will appreciate it, and your company will appreciate the convenience. You need our state-of-the-art quality aerials to get your message across, sell your project, and capture the imagination and interest of your audience. You can do more with our aerial photography than just hang pretty pictures on your wall. Ok, so you have an old fashioned 35mm slide projector? Not so hip to high tech? No problem. Make fantastic high resolution 35mm color slides from the digital images we give you, even better image quality than Kodachrome or Fuji Velvia film slides, and you can make them for about a buck or two each! Other professional photographers won't give you your original media so you don't have these advantages. When you buy from us you are buying the original files, with copyright to you, so use your images any way you want, forever.

6. In most cases we will include some "environmental" photographs of your location showing surrounding properties, streets, transportation arteries, etc. Many times it is important to be able to show where you are in the scheme of things. Images such as this are very valuable for your company records. As the years go by the land use changes, in twenty or thirty years surrounding areas will look much different than today. Your aerial photographs provide you with a visual record of a specific date in your location's history --- and your photographs will be high enough quality to be handed down to your children after you are gone. In 50 years your photos will be priceless. (And they won't be faded or yellowed after years in storage --- they will look the same in 2050 as they do today.)

7. Your photographs when properly mounted and framed are just about the most treasured gifts you can imagine. Have a CEO who already has everything? Surprise him (or her) with a 40x60 high quality print of your business. It is the one gift guaranteed to delight!

8. Your photographs are invaluable for risk assessment, underwriting & claims management. Get your insurance rates lowered by showing underwriting the improvements you've made to your facility.

9. Use your aerial photos for environmental planning, evaluate site locations for new subdivisions, new factories, parks, etc.

10. Construction sites need progress aerial photos to show "before and after".

11. Your aerial photos may be used for publicity photographs, crowd control.

12. Tourist attractions.

13. Town centers.

14. Settle insurance claims.

15. Site surveys, land purchase, planning, scouting film locations.

16. Legal evidence.

17. Corporate real estate portfolio.

18. Golf course plans, "hole layout"

19. Agricultural crop plans, subsidy applications.

20. Foot path disputes.

21. Entertainment festivals, outdoor events, plan & control.

22. Town planning, roads, buildings, geographical features.

23. Use your photos for advertising and marketing, brochures, newspaper inserts, trade show handouts.

24. Annual reports

25. Archaeology

26. Book publications.

27. Clubhouses.

28. Decorate your foyer, boardroom, or executive offices with big glamour prints of your facility.

29. Exhibitions and trade shows.

30. Forestry analysis.

31. Future developments.

32. Illustrating site access to visitors or training new workers.

33. Routing of new roads and pipelines.

34. Routing of overhead power lines.

35. Analyze security aspects of prisons and urban areas.

36. Settling of boundary disputes.

37. Illustrating geographical changes or similarities over time to establish liability and insurance coverage.

38. Construction progress.

39. Aerial Images are the best way to market high-end properties.

40. Appraisals often include aerial images, which are a good way to document your property's value. Aerial images can effectively show right-of-way and easement issues. Your images also show neighboring properties which can have a bearing on the value of your property.

41. Marketing postcards, brochures and websites can be created using your aerial images.. Everyone likes to look at aerial photos because they provide a unique view that is not usually seen. This keeps your prospect's eyes on your material for a longer period of time.

42. Legal uses --- accident reconstruction and land encroachment cases can benefit from using our aerial images. Your photos can easily be enlarged to 40x60 inches to provide compelling courtroom displays to win your case.

43. Email your images to clients, and branch offices around the world instantly.

... and a thousand other uses that you can't even imagine at this time.

Artist in the Sky LLC makes unusually high quality and beautiful images of your location. You can't call someone up in your yellow pages and get work of this caliber, and usually once we leave your area we won't be coming back for many years. Today you have an opportunity to buy probably the most beautiful images of your location you will ever see, regardless of price. We urge you to seize this opportunity and place your order today. Can you trust us to deliver? We brave the elements and put a pilot, a photographer, and an aircraft over your location and make original photographs for you to look at. You can trust us to deliver.

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