(per location photographed in scheduled work areas)

If you've recently received a communication from us indicating that we are working in your area we charge a flat fee of $495 to create your digital image package (or you may be offered special promotional package pricing if you are being contacted in a regional marketing campaign, which will include additional packages. Check your email.) This package will include all of the high resolution digital images taken of your location with a minimum of 15 to 20 different views of your property. We use the best camera equipment to give you the best quality images possible. These high resolution images are burned onto a data DVD and overnighted to you. This package includes ALL REPRODUCTION RIGHTS, and you may use the images any way you want with no usage fees. You will own the copyright.

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If you did not receive a communication from us we will bid your job. We may or may not be able to accommodate your request.

From your digital files we can create very beautiful custom prints for you ready to frame and hang on the wall or show for presentation. These can be ordered separately online or by mail using the image proofs we put on your data DVD (example). In this way you can easily review your shots and decide which images you want enlarged. We take major credit cards, paypal, or your check. Allow about 10 days to receive your prints. They are shipped in heavy shipping tubes by USPS or UPS.

10x15 inch color print $45

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16x24 inch color print $57

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20x30 inch color print $79

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24x36 inch color print $89

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28x42 inch color print $129

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30x45 inch color print $149

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36x54 inch color print $189

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40x60 inch color print $219

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additional duplicate copy of data disk $10
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Please note: Our standard pricing is for airplane work. In some cases helicopter work may be necessary to get the shots you need. (Perhaps 5% of locations require helicopter.) Possible reasons for this could be if you are very close to a major airport, the location is hazardous for fixed wing aircraft, we need to get lower than fixed wing aircraft are authorized to fly or your job requires two shooters working both sides of the aircraft. In these cases we will quote a one-time surcharge for helicopter. Example shot from helicopter at about 800 feet above ground level. In a few cases we will refuse work deemed too hazardous or impossible to photograph (offshore, obstructions, prohibited or restricted areas, etc.)

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Artist in the Sky LLC gives you the best value for your money --- here's why. The majority of professional photographers in North America sell you original photography and price it based on your "usage". Most pro photographers use a pricing software system called "fotoquote" to determine pricing for your job. Professional photography in America is normally priced based on a shooting fee plus usages. Most aerial photographers will want to charge you a shooting fee, and then an extra fee for any specific use, such as brochures, or advertising, or publishing, or website use, etc. Every business must advertise, and when you use photography in your advertising and marketing your costs can really begin to add up.

The number one reason why we are your best value in aerial photography? --- We don't charge you a usage fee. Once you buy from us we give you the original digital files, ( this is analogous to getting the film negatives ) and you can use your images anyway you want with no additional fees forever! Excited? You should be. This benefit alone can save your business many thousands of dollars over the years.

The number two reason why we are your best value in aerial photography? --- Image quality. Don't take our word for it --- see the quality with your own eyes. Take the time to compare our image quality against any other aerial photography firm in the world. Go on the internet and do a google or yahoo search using the key words "aerial photography". Look at our competition, see the quality of their samples and how much they will charge you to photograph your location. Our work is simply in a different league. We really have no competition, in either quality or price --- artistinthesky is your best value, period. Believe what your eyes tell you.

There is a catch, and here it is. To take advantage of our service you must get your business on our shooting schedule within a certain time window. We move from state to state. It is not feasible for us to offer our volume pricing once we leave your area. We feel bad when we refuse work because someone forgot to return their request form in time to get on our flight schedule. Don't miss this opportunity if you are thinking about aerial photos --- at least not this opportunity. Our work is different. Our photographs look different. Our aerial photos make your business look good. To get our quality you must have your property photographed while we are working in your area. It will take you 5 -10 minutes to request our service giving us your exact location and telling us exactly how you want your property photographed.

If you miss us it will be 5 -10 years before we photograph in your area again. Get your location photographed now!

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