It is somewhat difficult to show you the technical quality of our aerial photography on the web. The original digital files are quite large and would take a long time to download even with a high speed internet connection. (The "tiff" format image files you receive of each original image are approximately 40-120mb each.) Nevertheless, this demonstration will give you an idea of the quality. Just an idea, because your prints have better quality than anything you can see here because we have to reduce the file size so these samples will load for you in a reasonable period of time. When we reduce the file size by compressing the "jpg" file this introduces some "fuzziness" to the image---you will not see this "fuzziness" in your prints because they are printed using the full resolution of the camera file.

Here's a thumbnail image on this website of a gravel pit in Northern Illinois:

Here's the same image a little larger as you would see it on our website if you clicked on the above thumbnail image:

Click here to view the same image a bit bigger --- again there is nothing special about this particular image, we are just picking an image at random, your images could be much better than this, we just want to give you an idea of how highly detailed our images are. Printed images will look much better than this because they do not need to be compressed for the web. Our high quality digital files are optimized to make spectacular LARGE prints in any size up to 40 x 60 inches. You've never seen anything this good until now. Order with confidence!

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