When you purchase images from us you receive the original digital files---this makes your digital correction and retouching easy and convenient. Here's a quick example:

Note: these are low resolution samples for easy web viewing, printed photographs are approximately four times sharper.

This image is a small crop of a much larger image. It needs correcting. Notice the building verticals are not coming out of the ground at 90 degrees, the client wants the color warmed up, and wants the dumpsters in the upper right removed.

Click on this little image to see "uncorrected" example.

Now we correct the verticals by turning the image 3 degrees counter-clockwise and re-crop, remove those unsightly dumpsters from the upper right, and color correct the white balance to match the late afternoon sun. Also a small amount of sharpening and contrast is added.

Click here to see "corrected" example.


Get the idea? When you own the original digital files it is easy to change your photos any way you want.

Artist in the Sky LLC