When you purchase from artistinthesky you receive your images on a computer disk.

When you buy display enlargements we ship them to you in a heavy shipping tube.

With every digital image you receive these individual files:

1. An original high quality "tiff" format file. This image file is somewhere between 40 and 120mb in file size. Consider this as your "digital negative" from which you create all other images, either prints, or "jpg" files for use on the web or in your business advertising.

2. An original highest quality "jpg" file. These days many online digital photofinishers prefer to work with high quality "jpg" files. Many clients want fast inexpensive prints that do not need to be of the quality standard as our custom display prints. We prepare these files for you so you can quickly get inexpensive prints at Sam's Club, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. or other online photo services. This file is approximately 12-14mb and is optimized for consumer type reprints. (If you want ultimate quality for a framed presentation, gift for the company president, or a framed photograph for your business lobby, order our highest quality archival prints directly from us.)

3. Smaller size high quality "jpg" files in four different sizes. These files are prepared for you for ease of use so that you can look at your pictures on your computer monitor simply by inserting the DVD into your computer. Use these files for website use or emailing. Of course once you have the original files you can make "jpg" images in any size you want, from business card size to five feet across---the choice is yours. We make these files for you so you can see your high quality pictures easily, on any PC or Mac computer, as soon as you open your package. Pop the disk into your computer, click on the file, and start evaluating your photos immediately. No special software needed. EASY!

We suggest that once you receive your data disk you copy all the files to a folder on your computer, then put the disk away in a safe place. In this way you can use any image processing software (Adobe Photoshop for example) to crop your photos, put your company name or logo on your images, digitally retouch them, or change the sizing as your prefer. Your images come to you with no markings on them by us. We sign your data disk giving you COMPLETE RIGHTS OF REPRODUCTION to use the images any way you wish.

Remember, when you buy from us you receive all reproduction rights to use the images any way you wish for your advertising or marketing purposes, for in-house publishing, for your trade shows, to create high quality display prints for your company, or any other use you can imagine. Most other professional photographers won't sell you the originals, they force you to buy expensive prints from them. Artist in the Sky LLC is different. You can buy the very best quality prints directly from us or you can buy consumer grade prints from hundreds of different sources, or make color inkjet prints using your in-house color printer. The choice is yours.

The 20x30 inch print, custom framed under glass makes a very impressive presentation.
This print was mounted and framed by The Great Frame Up, Munster, IN.
They will give our local clients 15% off materials. Ask for Adele. 219-836-0007

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When you buy from us you own the original "digital negative" and have access to the highest possible technical quality at the lowest possible cost. You will be excited and pleased when you see your aerial photos in their glorious detail!

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