Once you've cropped the photo, your designer can use various software to modify your image artistically (and there are thousands of different effects you can do using software) and now you've created a design element that you can use as a background for your new sales brochure, or an architectural drawing, or engineering rendering, etc. And you can do it fast, and have the brochures in your sales agent's hands for this weekend's open house showings by using your in-house inkjet printer. This is the reason every single aerial image we've created for you has value. Even the most mundane images can be used by your art department to create compelling sales pieces (both for your print and web media) that will make your business stand out from the pack. Excited about the possibilities? You should be. You need our high resolution aerial photography for your business graphic designs! Click here to have us photograph your location.

The above image is now modified in Adobe photoshop below, you can change the way your pictures look using thousands of different artistic effects, because when you buy images from us, you get the original digital files. Don't like the effect? Change it, play with it, experiment with it until you do like it --- it's fast and easy --- change colors, make it a charcoal, or pen and ink drawing, make your aerial image look like a painting from the Renaissance. The choice is yours, and it's fun to do! Even the big boss can do it!

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